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 About RDAKey Industries     June 20, 2018  
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RDA Group believes that to be a true marketing research consultancy, we must be intimately familiar with our clients businesses, their customers and the markets in which they operate. This belief forms the foundation of all our activities on behalf of our clients.

RDA Group operates in a number of select industries, with senior researchers that, in many cases, came from those industries. Our staff and wealth of analytical tools enable us to show our clients where to concentrate their resources for the greatest return in customer satisfaction and the bottom line.

  The RDA Group was originally founded to meet the research needs of the automobile industry. Over forty years of service to the automotive industry has made us a leader in this field. During this period we have conducted a wide range of market research programs for nearly every OEM and several of their automotive suppliers. When automotive manufacturers need on-going measures of product quality and customer satisfaction, they turn to RDA Group. We have a very deep bench of automotive experts from both the supplier and client side that have market research experience in all aspects of the vehicle itself, as well as, the sales and service processes at the dealership.
  A natural extension of our work in the automotive sector, RDA Group conducts several large scale global customer satisfaction and quality tracking programs for some of the largest companies in commercial vehicle industry. Our ability to navigate the complex CV distribution channel and find the hard to reach respondents (e.g. fleet managers, owner operators and service managers) are crucial to conducing research in this space.
  During the past twenty years, RDA Group’s experience in the energy industry has grown significantly, developing long-term relationships with some of the largest utility companies in North America. RDA Group has assisted clients in addressing a wide variety of energy related issues from customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, brand image to issues surrounding the industry in general (e.g. utility restructuring, Smart Grid, etc.). Based on our experience conducting these studies, we have developed a real appreciation for the issues faced by energy companies in today’s ever changing environment.
The Financial Services Industry has experienced revolutionary changes in the last 15 years. Deregulation in the 1980’s allowed banks and financial service companies to reach out to consumers like never before. The Internet has put unprecedented information and power in the hands of consumers and changed the way small and medium-sized businesses approach their financial dealings. RDA Group has provided the information required to understand the evolving financial needs and wants of both consumers and businesses. Our on-going tracking studies of customer satisfaction and ad-hoc qualitative investigations have enabled companies to be proactive in anticipating changes in business and consumer attitudes toward their financial affairs as well as in the marketplace, reacting with appealing products and services.
For decades RDA has supported the insurance industry by conducting research for health and property and casualty insurance, specializing in automotive insurance. We help these companies measure membership satisfaction with existing services as well as investigate potential new service offerings.



OTHER INDUSTRIES: RDA Group has clients in many other industries, ranging from specialty services to packaged goods. The skills we've developed and decades of experience can be applied to virtually any product, service, business and industry.