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Auto-Ideation™: How It Has Already Helped Drive Innovation

Vehicle electronics, such as Ford Motor Co.'s voice-response Sync® system, have signaled that buyers are willing to pay for feature upgrades even on lower-segment cars.
Automotive News -- January 11, 2010

Our subscribers leverage the information gathered today to develop the products and features that distinguish tomorrow's vehicles! Auto-Ideation™ findings save auto makers and suppliers precious time and resources by providing critical direction for concept development and success.


The 2003 inaugural Auto-Ideation™ Study yielded key customer needs that are now met by new features in vehicles today, including:

"I want to be able to operate all audio controls without taking my eyes off the road or my hands off the wheel."

360º Camera
"I want my vehicle designed so there are absolutely no blind spots anywhere around my vehicle."

"I want cell phone operation in vehicles designed to prevent driver distraction."

Cross Traffic Alert
"I want my vehicle to alert me to traffic when I am pulling out of parking spaces with limited visibility."


Auto Maker & Tier One Subscriber feedback includes such comments as:

"We've already integrated Auto-Ideation™ into our new product development process."
"The output was data and concept-rich!"
"We couldn't have justified doing this study on our own...cost-sharing made it possible."


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