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 Research ServicesFocus Group FacilityFacility Features     June 20, 2018  
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Focus Group Facility

Facility Features
  • Focus group room dimensions: 18' X 18'
  • Comfortable conference-style seating for up to 12 group participants
  • Studio-quality audio/visual equipment featuring low noise, multidirectional microphones
  • Double-paned, oversized mirrors and acoustically insulated walls for complete soundproofing
  • T-1 and wireless Internet connection
  • Capabilities to conduct one-on-one or guided group website usability testing
  • Pin board and display rails for advertisements, photographs and more
  • Wall-mounted dry erase and projection board
  • TV Monitor/DVD/VCR

  • Multi-tiered viewing room with seating for 20
  • Ample desktop work space for each viewer
  • Closed-circuit TV
  • T-1 and wireless Internet connections
  • Runway lighting
  • Refrigerator and buffet meal service area

  • Private respondent waiting area with dedicated hostess
  • Separate entrances for participants and clients

  • Private client office with closed circuit TV to monitor focus groups
  • Computer with Microsoft Office
  • T-1 and wireless Internet connection
  • Printer, fax machine and telephone with direct dial capabilities